With great narrative vision going hand in hand with creative flair,
Toast post endeavors to deliver projects not only on time but also above and beyond the clients original expectations.

Here is a small selection our recent edit work:

Professor Green:
Suicide & Me

A trailer for a powerful, thought provoking documentary on the subject of male suicide in the UK. A personal journey with rapper Professor Green tackling the very hard subject of his father's suicide in the search for answers.
First broadcast on BBC3 October 27 2015

Director: Adam Jessel
Editor: Ant Hayes for Toast Post
Exec Producer: Laura Jones / Stephen Manderson
Commissioning Exec: Elliot Reed
Antidote Productions

Europe's dirty drug secret: Stacey Dooley investigates.

In the third instalment of this series of investigative documentaries, Stacey Dooley travels to Ukraine, an emerging hot spot for global drug trafficking.
First broadcast on BBC3 August 26 2013

Director: Adam Jessel
Editor: Ant Hayes for Toast Post
Exec Producer: Mark Rubens
Commissioning Exec: Darren kemp
Watershed Tv

Panorama - Stephen Lawrence: Time for justice

On verdict day of one of the most eagerly awaited trials in recent history, this Panorama Special on the Stephen Lawrence case reveals the untold story of the murder that changed Britain.

For more than a year, reporter Mark Daly and the Panorama team have exclusively followed Stephen's mother Doreen Lawrence as her 18-year fight for justice for her murdered son neared its conclusion.

This moving film charts the history of this iconic case through the eyes of a grieving mother, and reports the inside account of the trial of the two men accused of the black teenager's killing.
First broadcast on BBC1 January 3rd 2012.

Director: Ken kirby
Editor & motion graphics: Ant Hayes for Toast Post
Exec Producer: Neil Grant
Commissioning Exec: Tom Giles
Mentorn Media

Michel Roux's Service

Michel Roux is on a personal mission: to take eight young people who have never considered a career as front-of-house restaurant staff, and prove to them that it is an industry that can change their lives.
In just two months, he wants to take his trainees from the high street to the high end - learning skills that will enable them to take over service at his own two Michelin-starred restaurant. Ultimately Michel will choose the best two trainees and award them life-changing scholarships.

Ant Hayes edited episode Two and Eight of the eight part series as well as assisting on other episodes.
First broadcast on BBC2 January 13th 2011.

Director: Emma Walsh
Editor: Ant Hayes for Toast Post
Exec Producer: Patrick Holland
Commissioning Exec: Emma Willis
Ricochet Television

Coming Here Soon
Japan, Fall of the Rising Sun

In a 50 minute documentary, Stacey Dooley meets young Japanese people struggling to live with the pressures of a 20 year long financial squeeze.
First broadcast on BBC3 July 12th 2012.

Director: Emeka Onono
Editor: Ant Hayes for Toast Post
Exec Producer: Mark Rubens
Commissioning Exec: Fiona Campbell
Watershed TV

O'Neill Cold Water Classic Canada 2010

The forth and penultimate stop of the O'Neill Cold Water Classic 2010 brings the series to the remote town of Tofino, Canada. The little fishing village is located on the stunning West Coast of Vancouver Island and is considered one of the best surfing spots in Canada.
Part lifestyle documentary and part surf competition highlights show, this 24 minute show is a tour de force of hardcore cold water surfing from the some of the worlds best surfers.
First broadcast globally October 2010.

Director: Ben Hall
Editor: Ant Hayes for Toast Post
D.O.P: Christoph Fritschi
Cameras: Chris Bryan, Tim Buchheister, Andrew Naysmith & Ben Hall
Exec Producer: Bernhard Ritzer

The Truth About Magaluf: Stacey Dooley Investigates

In a 50 minute investigative documentary, Stacey Dooley travels to Magaluf, on the Spanish Island of Mallorca, to get under the skin of this popular and notorious resort.
First broadcast on BBC3 January 7th 2013.

Director: Joyce Trozzo
Editor: Ant Hayes for Toast Post
Exec Producer: Mark Rubens
Commissioning Exec: Fiona Campbell
Watershed TV

Blood, Sweat and Takeaways: Chicken

The final installment of the 4 part documentary series. Six typical young British food consumers go to live and work alongside the millions of people in south east Asia's food production industries. They must catch, harvest and process food products that we eat every day, seeing behind the scenes of the tuna, prawns, rice and chicken industries for the very first time.
Winner of 2010 Best Reality and Factual Entertainment programme Rose D'or Award
Winner of 2010 Best popular factual programme Broadcast Digital Awards
First broadcast on BBC3 June 9th 2009.

Edit Producer: Anna Stickland
Director: James Christie-Miller
Editor: Ant Hayes for Toast Post
Exec Producer: Mark Rubens / Tim Quicke
Commissioning Exec: Harry Lansdown
Ricochet Television
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