editor (ˈɛdɪtə) a. a person who makes a selection and arrangement of individual shots in order to construct the flowing sequence of images for a film b. a device for editing film, including a viewer and a splicer
English dictionary
Before the birth of Toast Post, founder Ant Hayes studied a film degree and specialised in editing.
After graduating he still had much to learn and hot footed it down to Brighton. It was here he joined emmy award winning, multi-media & post production company Victoria Real as a runner / sound recordist / junior editor and quickly worked his way up to becoming the main editor in the company.
editor (ˈɛdɪtə) You're nothing but a button pushing Avid monkey
anonymous edit producer
In the summer of 2001, Ant decided to go it alone. Skilled with wielding a deadly Avid and armed with a fully functional Final Cut Pro (that he wasn't afraid to use) Ant set out and formed Toast Post.

Since then he's been editing, creating graphics, recording & mixing audio and writing scripts non-stop.
Ant has helped shape a range of new series formats and breathed refreshing life into existing programmes.

In 14 years of working in broadcast media,Toast Post has built an outstanding record of satisfied clients and has edited projects shown on all five of the main terrestrial UK channels as well as Sky One & Discovery and other projects across global networks.

With the ever changing world of video editing, Toast post prides itself on keeping on top of new technology & software developments and is able to deliver top quality products in a variety of media.

Although based in Brighton, travelling for an edit is not a problem and over the past few years Ant has taken his Toasty skills to London, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Tofino in Canada and Santa Cruz in America.
For examples of what we do, check out the Work page and for more information on availability and rates say hello.